Sunday, 5 January 2014

Back to Blogging?

Sadly, my last blog post was the 7th October. I started to feel a very low after this and couldn't bring myself to write anything. Luckily, I snapped out of it after a week or two of being very lethargic and lying around a lot in my pyjamas and eating chocolate. This period of lethargy was followed by a wonderful week's holiday in Madeira with Mr HNW, J and my parents and after that I just felt it was too late to go back to it, despite the fact I was enjoying the outlet and the "me time" (such an awful phrase, I know!)

Two things changed my mind. Every year my friends and I do a Kris Kindle and this year, my lovely friend Amanda was my secret santa. Her present was a book made of the few posts I did write and the encouragement to keep going with it. It was an extremely thoughtful gift and a lovely bit of support when I needed it most. 

The other thing that changed my mind is that it is New Year and at New Year it's time to make resolutions to better ourselves. One of my resolutions (apart from the usual eat healthily and lose weight)  is to finish things that I start. I still really enjoy reading other blogs and reading them over the last few days strengthened my resolve. 

So here's to my blog, take 2 and a happy and healthy 2014.


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