Monday, 28 April 2014

Denim Blue Scarf and New Lace Shoes

Scarves are something I've got into a lot more in the last few months. I've always had a stash sitting in my wardrobe but never bothered to get them out and actually use them. There's a few bloggers out there who rock their scarves and this has really inspired me to get myself together on the scarf front.

One thing I've been looking for recently is a scarf with light denim blue colours in it to wear easily with jeans. I've been searching for a bit but came across this one in New Look the other day. 

It's a pale blue colour with gold threading at the edges. The site describes it as Pail Blue Gillter Trim Longline Scarf. I can't decide if that Pail is there intentionally (is Pail Blue a colour? Are buckets generally a blue colour?) or if someone at New Look HQ needs a spelling lesson. Hmm.....

Anyway, pale blue is not generally my colour (pale anything is generally not my colour, sadly) but this scarf has proved very handy. It's great to wear with denim and my gold Warehouse pumps. I can see it proving very useful this summer. 

While I was New Look, I also spotted these cream broderie anglaise pumps for €11.99 (which I'm also wearing above). 

For some reason I cannot find them on the New Look website. These ballet flats are the closest I can find.   I have a pair of navy Toms that I'm living in at the moment so I'm on the lookout for other comfy flats for summer because I don't want to destroy them by wearing them too much. I also thought they would be handy for the weddings I have coming up, my pro wedding tip is to bring flats with you to change into once the dancing starts. It can be a long day to be in a pair of heels. I do love me a good dance at a wedding!

They're very comfortable and make me smile thinking of Summer!



  1. Love those lace shoes! Summer has definitely arrived on the shop floors, although I spent this afternoon looking for a stylish waterproof that wasn't from an outdoors shop!

    1. There's never a bad time of year to buy waterproofs! Did you check Penneys/Primark? I saw some nice funky rain jackets there the other day - and they had the ones that fold up in a little pocket to carry around with tou.

  2. Wow - that's a great scarf! I agree about denim colours in a scarf - really wearable...looking forward to seeing you wearing it with the gold pump..sounds lovely! Avril (School Gate Style...logged in on my hubby's laptop!)

    1. Ah yes, the old stealing the hubby's laptop trick. We've all had to do it! Thanks, it's already proved to be very useful. Love when you buy things you gets lots of wear out of!


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