Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Kids Clothes

No, this is not a post about baby clothes or how I style my little 7 month old (God forbid, he is too often covered in spit-up and yoghurt to even think about that). No, this is a post about buying childrens clothes for myself.

I supposed you could describe me as a "petite person". I'm 5ft3 and generally wear a size 8-10. I don't think of myself as particularly slim or anything (especially recently) and I do have a generous enough pair of boobs but I guess I'm just "small". Generally, this is a pain in the arse (I'd love to be taller) but it does have it's benefits, I can wear very high heels and don't have to worry about being taller than everyone else in the room, I am good in caves and I can fit into childrens clothes.

Shopping in the kids section means things are a lot cheaper and embarassingly, the trousers there fit me a lot better. I regularly hit up the kids section in H&M and Gap.

Gap do up to an XXL (13 years +) in their kids clothes. I haven't braved trousers or leggings from there yet but I love the t-shirts and tops. I find even an XXS in the adult tops are not that fitted, which is annoying when you want to buy plain tops for layering.

I recently bought this t-shirt dress in Gap for the summer for €24.95 (with 25% off due to a promotion - bargain!). I had my eye on a long-sleeved version from Boden but this option was a lot more affordable.I'm on a budget here!

This is it in the XXL and is not too bad a fit, if I do say so myself!

I've also recently bought some leggings and tops from H&M. Their sizes go up to 170cm or 14y+. I'm presuming the 170cm refers to height, and as I'm 160cm this works well for me, even if it is a bit depressing to think that there are 14 year olds out there who are 10cm taller than me.

I have two pairs of their Jersey leggings (€9.95)

The pink top is also from H & M kids section.

Obviously some of the stuff for kids is going to look ridiculous on a 30 year old woman but there are some real finds, especially for basic items.

Zara also do kids clothes with the biggest size being 164cm, Their kids shoes also go up to a size 5. Zara is not a shop I'm keen on, I never find much I like on the odd occasion I do venture in there, I always feel like I have to trawl through the place a bit, but I'll definitely be popping in soon to in take a look at the kids section and see if anything interesting pops up.

Marks and Spencers do kids stuff too and their largest size is 14-15 years which is quite generous. I was in there recently and had a quick squizz around. There were a lot of One Direction themed items but I did come across one interesting t-shirt:

How could I resist?!


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