Friday, 7 February 2014

Summer is here! (sort of)

Summer is here ..... well, summer is here for me in a way. Soon we are off to South Africa to visit my in-laws with the baba. At the moment the temperature there is about 27C, so a little different to what we are experiencing here. This has thrown me into a panic slightly as to how I will dress the baby. All the clothes that fit him at the moment are very wintry - think lots of fleece and long sleeves. 27C is hot, like proper hot. We're planning a mad dash to the shops the day we get there to stock up on some cheapy shorts and t-shirts.

What this means for me is that I can get some of my summer stuff out a bit early this year. I have also made some recent purchases in anticipation of the warmth I will soon experience. I don't know why I do that, seeming as when we go to South Africa I tend to do a good bit of shopping anyway.

First of all I bought these bistro crop trousers from Boden.

The Boden catalogue arrived in my post box recently and I have been drooling over the contents since. I had my eye on the Bistro crop trousers but I wasn't sure about spending £59 on something I might not get to wear much. Then I was browsing the clearance and realised that a lot of last years Bistro crop patterns were on sale, some for as little as £17.70. Bit of a bargain.

Worn here with my Warehouse gold pumps and a new necklace from Oasis (a little birthday treat!)

At the last minute I decided to order a pair in petite size and I'm so glad I did. I think the regular length would have just looked like I was wearing trousers that had shrunk in the wash. I think I'll actually end up wearing these a good bit once the weather warms up a little. They are surprisingly comfortable.

A current trend that I'm not too sure about is pastels. I am as pale as the driven snow and I just think pastels wash me out. I love them on other people and some of the pastel styling I've seen recently is fab but I'm not sure about it for me.

Again, I found a way to give it a try by finding something on sale. I bought these shorts from River Island for €12.

I was impressed that River Island now deliver to a store for you, even in the Republic of Ireland (we always get excluded from that kind of thing) so you don't have to pay for delivery. Worn here with my navy Toms, white t-shirt from Gap a new scarf from Penneys (Primark to those of you in the UK!)

I really love these, I think the fact they are mint green as opposed to very pale green really helps. I am very much looking forward to getting my poor white legs out for the sun. Vitamin D - I need you!

My last purchase is this dress from Asda for £14.

I had to order something from there recently for J and of course that meant Mummy needed a little treat too. My crazy cat lady persona couldn't resist this!

I actually wore this out last weekend for a night out so it's not really just a summer thing but I'm thinking with a pair of sandals it will a great casual summer dress.

Also, in this picture is my new bag from Boden - the Canonbury Clutch. I bought this as kind of an afterthought when ordering the crop trousers and when it arrived I wasn't that impressed, but I am in love with it now. The leather is so soft and it is the perfect size for purse, phone and things like lipgloss. I've been wearing it all week. I can see it getting a lot of use, especially as it can be converted to a clutch bag. When I checked yesterday, only the leopard print was in stock but the black seems to be now back in stock (a return maybe?)

So, bring on the hot weather please!


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