Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Crying It Out - Update

In my last post I wrote about our attempts at crying it out and how well it was going. I should not have written that post! The law of jinxing something prevailed.The next night we were up twice with him and he cried for 30 minutes both times. He did however, wake up in his own bed in the morning which is a big plus.

I'd love to say after 4 nights of doing it he is sleeping through the night and I'm on a blissful, sleep-fueled cloud all the time but sadly, that is not the case. Each night he has woken up at least once, refused a bottle and looked at me with beseeching eyes that say "take me into bed for a cuddle, Mummy - look how cute I am". Resisting him is seriously hard work because J is of course, very cute and he is a very cuddly baby. What Mum doesn't love baby cuddles? However, I know if he comes in the bed with us I will be awake all night while he cries and squirms and kicks me for hours on end. The promise of nice cuddle time is never fulfilled!

So, I have resisted and he has fallen back asleep quickly enough each time. Even though I have to get up during the night to alternatively soothe him and listen to him cry, I'm actually getting more and better sleep then if he was in with me. The house is cleaner and more organised and both J and I are happier because we are both getting more sleep. Every morning he has woken up in his own cot which in itself, makes it all worth it.

So, I don't think it's going to magically make him sleep through the night any time soon but it has made me realise that when he cries at night, he doesn't need anything and can go back asleep by himself soon enough. I'm still going to continue with it and you never know, miracles do happen. Maybe one morning I'll wake up at 7am and realise I've been asleep for 8 hours straight. I can dream anyway!


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