Sunday, 11 May 2014


Things have been quiet on the blogging front the last while. My lovely little baby is practically a toddler and I am run ragged chasing around after him trying to stop him pulling my house apart or seriously injuring himself. I just fall in to bed every evening after a few lame attempts to keep the house clean.

We thought he might not crawl, but go straight to walking because he was cruising confidently but would freak out when he was on his stomach. Then one day, I had friends over for coffee and he saw a few of their babies crawl and he was off. I guess he just needed some peer pressure. Now, he's off like the clappers when you set him down on the floor and everything is fair game to get into. Yesterday, he opened all the drawers in my bedroom and decided that my knickers were the best new toy ever. They were strewn around the house. I just had to leave him be and hope nobody called over to visit. At least they were clean, anyway!

The idea of babyproofing just gives me a headache, at first it just seemed so overwhelming, especially as we are moving out in a few weeks and we will just have to do it all again in our new place. Luckily, we are in an apartment so no stairs and a lot of our furniture was already screwed to the wall (thanks to me being pregnant when we bought it and us actually being smart and looking ahead!). Apart from that, I'm just not sure what to do. I've bought cupboard and drawer locks and they remain in their packets. We bought foam cushions for the doors so he can't close them and trap his fingers but he managed to get them trapped under the door anyway. At the moment my babyproofing is just watching him like a hawk and racing around pulling him off things.

The one thing I'm not sure how to protect is the TV and digital boxes. It seems a bit of a small space to use a fireguard but he is going to town on the speakers and the various electrical boxes under there. If anyone has any suggestions I will happily take them! I'm trying to think of ways to protect the area that doesnt involve blocking it off entirely. So far, nothing creative has spring to mind.

Anyway, I must rush off to bed. Tomorrow is another day of running around, saying no a lot and being laughed at by an impossible cute wrecking ball!



  1. I remember the babyproofing stage! Someone advised us that distraction is a good strategy, and we made our digi-area no where near as exciting as the toy area. Also, find a ten minute tv show that roots toddler to the floor/sofa for downtime (and nostalgia for you!) Toddler-daughter won't move from The Sooty Show, Doc McStuffin or The Gruffalo. I can get another 5 minutes from Thomas, Noddy or Postman Pat!

  2. Thanks for the tips! Distraction is my main babyproofing tool at the moment. I must say "what's this?" about twenty times a day! TV is a good idea, sadly his attention span doesn't last ten minutes but I can get about 3/4 minutes out of Peppa Pig. I have a playpen too so I can keep him safe if I have to pop to the loo. It's tiring though!


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