Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Matalan Wish-List

I've been off the radar a bit for the last few weeks. I've been feeling very under the weather, with just a complete lack of energy. I've been sleeping ridiculous amounts, J is sleeping through the night but I was still so exhausted that I was taking two naps a day with him and still feeling tired when I went to bed at night. I think I was just very, very run down. I've been trying to rest as much as I can with a very active 11 month old, looking after myself and taking supplements and I seem to be perking up a bit. I've had problems in the past with chronic fatigue after getting a virus so I'm just being careful.

All that has meant though, that blogging has taken a backseat and I've been wearing whatever is easiest and most comfortable (mainly yoga pants!). Now that I''m feeling a bit better I'm starting to feel a bit scruffy and need to start thinking about what I'm putting on in the morning again. You know when you just feel stuck in a rut a little bit and you need to give yourself a push to get out of it?

Anyway, the other day one of the million emails I seem to get daily from clothes shops pinged into my inbox. A lot of the time I delete them after a quick scroll through. With this email I skimmed through it, figured it was for somewhere on the expensive end of things because the stuff looked fab and then as I was about to press delete I noticed that it was an email from Matalan. So of course, I had to investigate further. I'm really impressed with the stuff they have at the moment. Even better they have a new petite section. Hurray! It has me feeling inspired again.

We don't have Matalan in Ireland (although I'm sure there are some up North) but I can get stuff delivered to me using Parcel Motel (aka the best thing ever invented!) and now I have a bit of a wish-list. The good thing about a wish-list from somewhere like Matalan is that it is much more obtainable than a list from say, J Crew.

My Matalan Wish-List

First of all this Palm Print Woven Sweat Top at £16. I love the print and it's causal enough to wear with a black pencil skirt and sandals to make a change from all the jeans I seem to be wearing recently.

I want these Block Heels so bad but where would I wear them - riddle me that? They would look great I suppose for when I'm cleaning the bathroom or doing the ironing!  They are lovely though and they come in a lime green colour too. Maybe I need to invent an occasion?

Love this spotted denim shirt, I can never resist polka dots. I did actually buy a denim shirt for summer but it's quite heavy, this would be a great lighter option worn with white jeans or capris.

I am so tempted by this jersey maxi skirt. I love maxi length things but because I am a shortarse they look ridiculous on me. I have bought dresses and had them taken up before though which makes a big difference. This skirt is in the petite section and I'm allowing myself to believe that I may actually look like a normal person in it and not like a child trying on her Mother's clothes.

I love this Kimono but I have a feeling if I ordered it the colours would do nothing for me and my pale skin. It is beautiful though.

Lastly, this cross body bag. It's £12 which I think is a great bargain, it certainly doesn't look like it's that that cheap to me online so I'd be very interested in seeing it in person. The only problem is I rarely use handbags these days as everything goes into the nappy bag. Maybe it's time to start!

Out of these, I think I'm going to order the sweatshirt, maxi skirt and bag when payday arrives, just for a little pick-me-up. Fingers crossed they look as nice in person!



  1. Sorry to hear you haven't been well, but a bit of shopping should perk you up! Think I need to pay a visit to Matalan...and I may even earn Treat Street points through Boots, if I'm remembering rightly!

    1. I got another email from them today - they're really onto it with their marketing at the moment. So much nice stuff!

  2. How does the parcel motel thing work? I love the skirt too! Am currently looking at the baby clothes from Matalan and thinking Susie needs a few more bits and pieces! About the handbag thing- I never used a nappy bag, I just got a big handbag and keep it on the stroller all the time! It does mean my handbag is full of bits of rice cake and so on, but I guess that's part of motherhood??

    1. You sign up for Parcel Motel and nominate to get your items delivered to a location that is nearest you (it's usually in petrol stations or something like that). Then when you order online from the UK you put the Parcel Motel address in as your delivery address (which is in Antrim) - then for €3.50 they bring the parcel to your nominated pick-up location and put it in a box there. You get a code to unlock it texted to you so you can pick it up anytime. Great for places that only ship to the UK or do free UK deliveries. I've ordered baby stuff from Matalan before and was impressed!

  3. I love the sweat top! Hope you treated yourself?! Ax


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